Robert Myers' consulting expertise draws from 30 years of experience as a UCSD Professor of Anesthesiology and Professor of Pathology (Division of Neuropathology), and as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System. Information from various technical and academic disciplines can be interpreted and organized into visually compelling formats using modern media techniques. Additionally, photography of special events, residences, art, architecture and technical or construction processes can be bound and published with insightful narrative.

Pharmaceutical Consulting
Medical-Legal Consulting and Expert Testimony

Industrial (pharmaceutical and medical device) consulting and expert testimony services are available in the disciplines of bioengineering, anesthesiology and neuropathology. Emphasis is placed on mechanisms of nerve injury, spine injury and pain, including causation and treatment of neuropathic pain conditions. Cytokine mechanisms of pain and identification of new therapeutic targets is of particular interest.


Media Consulting and Photographic Arts
Media Scientific is focused on producing high-quality publications in limited edition for the science and art communities. Hardcover books of tabletop quality can be rapidly designed and published. Electronic publications in pdf, Powerpoint, Keynote and web formats can be prepared for didactic presentation or legal reference. Photographic art from the following portfolios is available for purchase in electronic format or as framed archival prints.
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